Practice Areas

Protecting Your Assets And Legacy

Helping you understand the importance of creating WILLS & TRUSTS.

Guiding You Through A Complex Process

Efficient and effective addressing of important ESTATE ADMINISTRATION issues to minimize stress on your loved ones.

Securing Valuable Investments

Detail-oriented REAL ESTATE transactions and documents to ensure accuracy and successful transactions.

Your Guide Through A Confusing Legal Process

There is a reason many people put off discussions about estate planning and administration. It is not because they do not care about their families or about their futures. Instead, it is because the legalities are complicated and extremely frustrating to the nonprofessional.

As a highly trained and experienced estate law attorney, I make a point of providing clear explanations and solid information to my clients. I meet with them individually to discuss their concerns and goals openly and honestly.

Next, I counsel them on their legal options to address those concerns and reach those goals. Finally, I guide my clients through the legal process as efficiently and effectively as possible.

I do all of this to save my clients money and to limit the stress they and their families endure. I do this also because I want them to make informed decisions that will remain satisfying for years into the future.

Abby Cohler, A Lawyer Who Works For Your Best Interests