A Detail-Driven Approach To Real Estate Transactions

The buying and selling of residential or commercial real estate can involve a fair amount of financial risk. As buyer or seller, you can benefit from having an experienced real estate attorney by your side who will also be aware of legal risks.

Protecting Valuable Real Estate Investments

If you are looking to avoid trouble in your next real estate transactions, turn to me, Abby N. Cohler. I can help draft or review your contract terms and conditions for many common mistakes and omissions, and help protect you from assuming unwanted liability.

I can provide the legal skills and knowledge you need to protect your investment in residential or commercial property. To schedule an appointment to discuss how I help you, contact me online today, or call my Marlton, New Jersey, office at 856-375-1981.

I am available to guide you through many of the often bewildering aspects of real estate law, including such important matters as:

  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Closings
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Review and/or draft agreements of sale
  • Deeds
  • Title insurance

Protecting You And Your Investment

Because their commission is at stake, many real estate agents have a financial incentive to complete a deal. While they may alert you to some issues in the beginning, in the end they are unlikely to insist on certain financial or legal matters they feel may jeopardize their closing. As your real estate attorney, my only mission is to protect your rights and best interests in every transaction. In addition to helping to prepare accurate, legal real estate documents that help control liability, I am also available to stand by your side at closings and other meetings.

For over 20 years, I have devoted my practice to helping clients protect their hard-earned assets and property. Whether I am providing assistance with estate planning and administration, or addressing a real estate need, I help them understand their legal options to make sound decisions for their families.

Contact a real estate attorney committed to your success. Call Abby N. Cohler, Attorney at Law, today for a free phone consultation to find out how I can help your next real estate purchase or sale proceed smoothly.